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Spin it to win it

Spin welding is a friction process that joins circular thermoplastic parts by bringing the part interfaces together, under pressure, with a circular, spinning motion. One part is held stationary in a fixture, while the other is rotated against it under pressure. The frictional heat that is generated causes the part interfaces to melt and fuse together, creating a strong, hermetic seal.  

The temperature, number of rotations and other variables can be easily adjusted which makes this operation advantageous for companies who need low equipment costs.  The operation is also energy efficient, does not require ventilation or additional material requirements, and allows immediate handling.

Like vibration welding, this process will work with typical plastics that include: nylon, PP, PVC, ABS and many more.  The size of the product made from spin welding can range from ¼-in. to upwards of 10-in. diameter.  Irrigation pop-up valves and products with drive shafts are typically made using spin welding.

Recently, EngineeringTV spoke with Branson Ultrasonics Corp., a subsidiary of Emerson Industrial Automation, about its spin welding equipment.  View the video demonstration at

More information: Emerson Industrial Automation,

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