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Sustainable Engineering

Biocompatible ship ahoy
Tests of two high-performance pleasure craft from Campion Boats showcased a new use for a bio-based resin technology called Envirez. The resin is a major component of the boats’ construction and comes from Ashland Composite Polymers, a Columbus, Ohio, business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc.

The two boats, Campion’s Chase1 550 and 600, use Envirez L 86300 T-25 bio-based resin in their hulls, liners, and decks. The resin, which is undergoing a final evaluation for this use, is designed to provide high elongation and toughness properties for impact and crack-resistant attributes. Envirez resins are basically formulated with soybean oil and cornderived ethanol.

New developments in sustainable product packaging
Packaging material called BlisterGuard eliminates the need for a printed insert as often used with plastic clamshell product packaging. Instead, graphics and product info get printed directly on the clamshell material, which is paperboard. The result: Packages are up to 44% lighter than a similar plastic clamshell and use up to 76% less plastic. The paperboard used is solid bleached-sulfate type produced by paper mills that generate 60 to 70% of their energy needs through biomass or renewable sources. And compared to plastic clamshells, the cost of the material ranges from about the same to 35% cheaper.

The material comes from Colbert Packaging Corp., Lake Forest, Ill.

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