Machine Design


Matlab Programming for Engineers
This best-selling book has been updated to reflect Matlab 6.0. The book introduces Matlab as a technical programming language rather than serving as an introduction to the Matlab environment. It covers good programming practices, common pitfalls in Matlab programming, and includes numerous programming exercises and examples. Also covered are predefined Matlab functions that save time in writing subroutines or functions. Emphasis is on top-down programming methods and how to write clean, efficient, and documented programs using sound problem solving techniques.

By Stephen J. Chapman, ISBN: 9780534390563, published by Thomson Learning

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming
Here’s one way to learn C++. This paperback aims to teach programming skills specifically as they relate to games. Learning gets reinforced by creating small games throughout the learning process. An ambitious game project at the end of the book tests how well the reader has absorbed fundamental programming skills.

By Michale Dawson, ISBN: 9781598633603, published by Thomson Learning

The Elements of Mechanical Design
From one of the authors of The Unwritten Laws of Engineering and The Unwritten Laws of Business, this 104-page book aims to be a primer or refresher on the basic principles and practices of good mechanical design. The author uses his own experience, and input from other expert designers, to explain state design principles and practices. Topics include creating simple designs, keeping functions independent from one another, basic theory of exact constraint, nesting forces, curvature and surface matching, managing friction, buckling phenomena, and many others.

By James G. Skakoon ISBN : 978-07918-0267-0, available through ASME,

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