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Machine Design

Tight seal for a solarpowered fan

Fabrico Div., EIS
Solaro Energy

Solaro Energy, Lake Elsinore, Calif., makes a solar-powered fan that automatically vents attics. The assembly requires a strong adhesive to bond the solar panel to the top of the fan, as well as an edge sealant to protect the panel electronics. EIS Fabrico, Kennesaw, Ga., provided a conductive acrylic adhesive for the job that exhibits low outgassing and good ionic qualities. It also delivers the necessary shear strength to handle outdoor use. Additionally, Fabrico selected a 3M caulking product for a watertight seal on the edge of the unit that will stand up to year-round weather. The silicone edge seal protects against moisture and contaminants while eliminating the need for metal fasteners.

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