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Machine Design

TPE compounds

Two new TPE brands — Copec and For-Tec E — offer haptics; adhesion properties; resistance to daily use influences, e.g., hand sweat, and alcohol; and media/weather resistance.

Copec offers products a texture similar to that of velvet and silk. Products such as computer mice, games consoles or ear plugs are frequently handheld and subject to heavy use. During development, special attention was paid to high resistance to skin fats and cleaning agents. Copec gives products a high-quality finish that is dirt repellent and minimizes slippage on smooth surfaces, without a sticky feel. The Series exhibits excellent adhesion properties in the multicomponent injectionmolding process with thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PC, or PC/PBT.

The For-Tec E Series was developed for reliable adhesion to semiaromatic polyamides and PA 6.6. The adhesion properties in the 2K injection-molding process permit the use of TPE, for example in the form of seals or plug-in connections for mobile phones and MP3 players. For-Tec E is used in consumer electronics and the power-tools sector.

Kraiburg TPE Corp.
2625 North Berkeley Lake Rd.
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Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 584-5020

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