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Training system makes learning DAQ a Snap


Helping users learn the ins and outs of the Snap Ultimate I/O system, that's the goal of a self-paced learning center from Opto 22, Temecula, Calif. The Snap Ultimate I/O Learning Center is a standalone system that includes a Snap Ultimate processor, assorted I/O modules, a Snap rack, power supply, load panel, and cables. The Center includes a training manual and user's guide along with various software applications.

Utilities included, such as ioControl, ioManager, OptoOPCServer, and ioDisplay, will help users quickly begin developing industrial applications for automation and capturing and delivering real-time industrial data to enterprise software and databases. They'll also get hands-on experience configuring I/O points, reading and writing to those points, writing simple control strategies, and building a graphical user interface. The system costs $1,495 and is available at

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