Machine Design

A “truss”worthy $12K bike

The Arantix Mountain Bike from Delta 7 Sports LLC, is the first bicycle to feature the patented IsoTruss carbon-fiber-and-Kevlar, open-lattice tube design.

The open lattice structures are made of 3D pyramidal trusses that combine 2D trusses, such as those commonly used in architectural design.

The “hard- tail ” (no shock-absorber) frame weighs about 2 . 7 lb a nd t a k e s about 300 hr to build. Workers weave 1,672 ft of single carbon-fiber strands to create the open lattice structure for one frame. Each bundle of strands is then helically wrapped with Kevlar string that binds the carbon fibers together before the tubes are baked at 255° for 4 hr. The ends of the baked tubes are machined and joined with molded carbon-fiber lugs into a completed frame. The company claims the fusion of 2D trusses into 3D pyramidal forms creates frames that bend and twist less than metal frames of comparable weight.

Prices for the custom, hand-built bikes start at $11,995. The frame alone sells for $6,995. The company plans to deliver 200 bikes next year.

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