Machine Design

Turning a mortar into a precision weapon

The DoD's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, together with BAE Systems, is converting the Army’s 60-mm mortar into a weapon capable of launching guided munitions.

To power the electronics, the design team chose TLM-1530HP lithium batteries from Tadiran Batteries, Port Washington, N.Y. The batteries meet BAE and Darpa requirements for size, weight, and performance, something 3-V CR2 consumer batteries could not. (CR2s could not operate in cold environments and have a shelf life of only five years.) The TLM modules, though the same size as CR2s, supply 4 V, and can maintain pulses of 15 A in temperatures from –40 to 85°C, according to Tadiran. Their shelf life is 20 years. Eventually, the 60-mm mortar will fire laser-guided munitions equipped with an optical seeker.

Tadiran lithium batteries will power the electronics needed to let the Army’s 60-mm mortar fire guided munitions.

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