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Machine Design

Vision system breaks $2,000 price barrier

A new CMOS camera system sells for $1,995, considered a benchmark price.

The Legend 510 offers low-cost machine vision for inspection and assembly.

According to the creator DVT Corp., Duluth, Ga. (, the Legend 510 SmartImage camera system has enough power for machine-vision inspections.

The unit is streamlined to offer the inspection features of the company's Legend series cameras without reader capabilities. It operates with DVT Windows-based Framework software and includes integrated ring lights, Ethernet compatibility, and 640 3 480-pixel resolution.

Recent field tests by Gibson Engineering, Norwood, Mass. (, showed the Legend 510 could measure small round parts within 0.1° in static tests and 0.18° in dynamic tests. The system also guided a robot to precisely pick-and-place the parts in an assembly.

Part-inspection speed is said to be on a par with CCD cameras. Typical uses include inspecting presence or absence of parts in an assembly or features in a part, as well as counting and sorting parts in packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, automotive, and other applications.

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