Machine Design

What Types and Grades are Available?

Type Size Range Description Typical Uses Wire Rope 1/2"Dia. & larger to 4" in Dia. Iron wire & plow steel 6X19, 6X31, 6X37, 7X7X7 Rigging, winches, slings, oil drilling, logging, Elevators, mining, construction. equipment, bridges. Commercial Grade Cable 1/2"Dia.& Smaller Galvanized high carbon, steel 1X7, 1X19, 7X7, 7X19 Tiller rope, guy wire, overhead door cable Commercial Qual. "Aircraft Grade" Cable 1/2" Dia. & Smaller 1X7, 1X19, 7X7, & 7X19 stainless and high carbon steel. High quality cable assemblies for commercial & industrial applications. Aircraft Flight Control Cable (Mil Spec. W-83420B) 3/8" Dia. & Smaller 1X7, 1X19, 7X7 & 7X19 high quality, lubricated galvanized high carbon steel or 302/304 stainless steel. Civilian & military aircraft controls and cable assemblies, yacht rigging,small hoists. Cycle-FlexTM Miniature Cable .006" to .045" Dia. 1X7, 1X19, 7X7 & 7X19 high quality stainless steel cable. Drive Cables, lanyards, restraint cable, mech. and medical applications.


TM Cable Mfg. & Assy. Co. Inc.

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