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What's the hydrogen equivalent to a gallon of gas?

An online calculator finds the energy equivalents for about 12 different fuels.

Users select a fuel and units on both sides of the calculator window to find, for instance, that it takes 26 gallons of hydrogen at 150 bar to pack the energy equivalent of 1 gallon of gas.

Users select a fuel, volume units, a quantity, and hit solve. A gallon of liquid hydrogen, for instance, has about as much energy as a pint of gas. The calculator was developed by Shec-Labs, (Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation), in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada ( The research lab says it also develops solar-powered devices that produce hydrogen by the disassociation of water.

The calculator works for fuels including hydrogen, natural gas, gasoline, coal, and butane, as liquids and as gas at several pressures. The calculator is accessible free at ce.php

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