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Wine for One

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and only had one glass? Or used a minimal amount for cooking, and then forgot about it until it went bad?

Julie Kalista
Online Editor

Well, Tetra Pack, Vernon Hills, IL, has joined with Three Thieves, St. Helena, CA and Target, Minneapolis, MN to offer consumers premium wine in single servings, eliminating waste.

This new package design is great for gatherings, letting each guest enjoy their preferred wine. It is shatter-proof and corkless making it safe in areas where glass is prohibited, such as the beach and, for outdoor activities.

The 250-ml Tetra Prisma Aseptic packages are made of environmentally friendly paper, aluminum foil, and polyethylene. The packaging ensures freshness and great taste, requires 90% less material than traditional bottles, and takes up less space during shipping. It features an easy-open pull-tab letting consumers drink the wine right from the carton or pour it into a glass. Sold in four-packs, the total amount of wine is one liter, 33% greater than a standard bottle.

The price, 8 to $10, and where the product is sold, mass retailers and grocery stores such as Target, could cause consumer concern about quality. However, representatives from Tetra Pak are sure that the technology will increase wine quality and, are even working on using the packaging for higher quality wines.

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