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Women of Science

Women have earned more than half the bachelor's degrees in science and engineering since 2000.

Julie Kalista
Online Editor

However, according to a study by the National Academies, their representation on college and university faculties does not reflect these gains. It goes to say that because studies have not found significant biological differences in how men and women perform science and mathematics, fundamental changes in the culture and opportunities at America's research universities are urgently needed. "The U.S. should increase its talent pool by making the most of its entire population," says Donna E. Shalala, president of the University of Miami.

According to the report, women face barriers to hiring and promotion in research universities in science and engineering fields. This situation deprives the U.S. of an important source of talent as the country faces increasingly stiff competition in higher education, science and technology, and the marketplace. The report recommends that university administrations take the lead in recruiting, retaining, and promoting more women into faculty leadership positions and, monitoring these changes.

More Information:
National Academy of Science

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