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World's brightest LEDs

Until now, the brightest commercially available LED light sources rivaled the light output of a 30-W tungsten accent lamp.

But LED arrays from Lamina Inc., Westampton, N.J. — said to be the world's brightest — outshine them.

The company's 3,000°K warm-white version gives 1,000-lumens light output, equal to 75-W halogen PAR-30 and 100-W R-20 floodlights. A 4,700°K daylight white (cool) puts out 2,000 lumens. Warm-white arrays have an enhanced red and orange color spectrum, making them ideal as a halogen or incandescent replacement.

The LEDs come standard with a 60° beam pattern. Wide, medium, and narrow optics are also available. An integral EZ-Connect board eliminates soldering, while a metal base permits parallel or series wiring of the LEDs on a common heat sink. Both models have integrated protection from electrostatic discharge.

Lamina Inc.,

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