Pack Expo 2017

Automated Guide Rail System Debuts at Pack Expo 2017

Septimatech takes another step forward in automating packaging lines with its new system enhanced with an HMI that greatly accelerates data access.

Equipped with a human-machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC), Septimatech’s Unison Automated Guide Rail System helps streamline line efficiency and cut down on changeover time. Thanks to the HMI, operators can instantly pull up information about their packaging line during changeover and run time. Ultimately, it eliminates the operator having to tweak or adjust the line during setup and production.

The Unison touchscreen HMI lets operators perform functions such as automated changeovers, manual jogging, recipe management and teaching, maintenance, and diagnostics. The overall Guide Rail System uses standard components that are custom-designed to meet a customer’s specific line-configuration and container-control needs.

The system includes safety-rate emergency stop circuitry, and is built to CSA, UL, and CE standard. It can be integrated into the current line controls of existing Unison systems, or act as a standalone system.

To see the Automated Guide Rail on display, visit Septimatech’s booth (C-4036) this week at Pack Expo 2017.

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