Automatic Film Splicers Shrink Downtime

Automatic Film Splicers Shrink Downtime

Film splicers developed by Butler Automatic promise to boost efficiency by minimizing or altogether eliminating downtime caused by manual film-roll changes. According to the company, its SP1 film splicer will deliver long-term, trouble-free automatic splicing performance. It senses the diameter of the expiring roll of film and automatically splices the end of each expiring roll onto the new roll. Speeds can reach 600 feet per minute (FPM). Also available is the SP3HSL automatic shrink sleeve splicer, which runs at 450 FPM. It increases line efficiency by 9% by removing the task of changing shrink-sleeve packaging film rolls by hand every one to three minutes. The company will demo both splicers at the 2015 PACK EXPO Las Vegas (Sept. 28-30), at Booth C-2838.

BUTLER AUTOMATIC, 41 Leona Dr., Middleborough, Mass. 02346

TAGS: Robotics
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