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Bosch Debuts Secondary Packaging Solutions

Bosch Debuts Secondary Packaging Solutions

At this year’s Pack Expo International, Bosch Packaging Technology debuted several secondary packaging technologies. The solutions aim to provide flexibility and quick changeovers, improved ergonomics for workplace safety, and an efficient and streamlined design for maximum overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The Sigpack TTMC case packer is designed to handle a variety of pre-packed food, non-food, and pharmaceutical applications. It can be adjusted quickly and without tools to the required format and product configuration with vertical start-up. Running at a high feeding rate, products can be supplied flat or on edge or packaged into a regular slotted container (RSC) or half slotted container (HSC), with retail-ready functionality. Multiple case closing options are available and case erecting, robotic loading, and optional case closing units are integrated into the case packer. A flexible feeding wheel accommodates various factory layouts by positioning the case packer inline, at a 90° angle, or other angles.

The Elematic 3001 wrap-around case packer features a low blank magazine height to minimize the risk of injury. The hot melt system is optimized with an external granulate container, helping to protect operators when refilling glue. With the Elematic click system, when parts lock into place, operators are notified with a click sound and aligned color-coded components providing auditory and visual guidance when the format changeover is complete. The system runs multiple pack styles including tray, classic full wrap-around, ledge tray, and two-part shelf-ready packaging.

The CCM 3100 case packer for vertical and horizontal bag presentation features a wide format range in both bad and case sizes and styles, including the RSC, HSC, and other shelf-ready packaging styles. It is designed for easy integration with vertical form, fill and, seal (VFFS), and horizontal form, fill, and seal (HFFS) machines. The machine’s single frame is attached to an infeed system that accepts products from VFFS and HFFS primary packaging machines, enabling the picking and placing of up to 180 products per minute.

Bosch Packaging Technology, Stuttgarter Straße 130, D-71332 Waiblingen, +49 711 811-0

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