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Breakthrough Color-Label Printers Debut at Pack Expo 2014

Breakthrough Color-Label Printers Debut at Pack Expo 2014

QuickLabel Systems made a splash at Pack Expo 2014 today with the launch of two new label printers that fall under its Kiaro! family umbrella. First, in response to demands for a smaller color-label printer, the company developed the Kiaro! 50 inkjet label printer. Designed for printing small, high-quality labels (1 to 2.16 inches wide) in moderate volumes, the system weighs under 10 pounds and measures just over 10 inches tall. With 1200-dpi quality, it prints up to 4.8 images/s—enough to print 68 labels per minute based on a 2-in.-wide by 4-in.-long label. It prints on blank stock, from four individual CMYK dye ink cartridges. The system is best suited for applications that intend to lessen costs of labeling multiple SKUs (i.e., buying and storing pre-printed labels) via on-demand label printing.

Watch the video from QuickLabel Systems below, live from this year’s Pack Expo:

According to QuickLabel Systems, its other new launch—the Kiaro! D (D for DURABLE) family of color-label printers—is the first full line of pigment ink digital color-label printers for printing ultra-durable labels. Three models comprising the family fit any labeling application in which the labels are subject to harsh shipping, storage, or point-of-use environments. The labels can be exposed to sunlight, chemicals, scuffing, and dirty or wet conditions, yet still maintain legibility and color fastness without lamination.

The Kiaro! D prints labels, at 1200-dpi print quality, measure 1 to 4 inches wide and up to more than 15 inches in length, suiting applications such as bottle, carton, and case labels that requires pictures, logos, etc. The Kiaro! 200D makes large-sized labels for gallon drums, shipping drums, pallets, etc. in full CMYK color and up to 8.3 inches in width. The Kiaro 50D is a miniature small-label printer (1- to 2.16-inch-wide labels), suiting applications such as e-cigarette e-liquid, dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc. However, the labels are durable enough to withstand industrial environments, too. All labels will comply with GHS hazard warning labeling regulations.


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