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Cobot-Assisted Mobile-Packaging Apps Feature Vision-Guided Kitting, Parts Inspection

The defining feature of collaborative robots (cobots) is their built-in safety systems that stop a robot from operating when it comes into contact with an employee. Universal Robots (UR) pushes the boundaries of cobots further so that they are user-friendly, redeployable, and simple to set up.

At Universal Robots’ booth (N-5070) at Pack Expo 2016, Allied Technology LLC will showcase a mobile packaging and palletizing application with a modular tabletop for quick redeployment. The UR5 robot (see figure) will demonstrate a part kitting operation by picking and placing parts, packaging them into a box, and palletizing the assemblies.

“Universal Robots enable us to build applications that move away from fixed automation to flexible solutions that can easily be moved between tasks, effectively addressing the high mix/low volume production challenges of today,” says Mike Halley, President of Allied Technology.

UR will also host HNJ Solutions at its booth. HNJ will exhibit a system that integrates automated pick and place with inspection of high-volume production. It either picks parts coming down a conveyor or from trays full of finished parts awaiting packaging.

“In short we bring part of the quality lab to the production floor. Our Automated Cosmetic Inspection systems don’t blink, don’t have a sick day, and they provide companies with consistent results,” says Greg McEntyre, CEO of HNJ Solutions. “The Universal Robot arms provide a means to keep the inspection flexible; customers can add new products to the system as needed and the arm can articulate through just about any product orientation requirement."

Check out Universal Robots' video on the UR5 and UR10 robots:

Employees can teach UR robots new moves in conjunction with changing production schedules. Human coworkers can change the robot’s movements via a teach pendant and simply moving the arm—there’s no need for coding or reprogramming. Robot setup is easy—according to the company, the typical “out-of-box” experience is less than an hour. Robot arms can be plugged directly into a wall outlet.


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