Pack Expo 2017

Enhanced Vibratory Conveyors Feature Stainless-Steel Grounding Arm

A series of improvements to Key Tech’s vibratory conveyors raises the bar in terms of sanitation and durability for these machines.

Paying close attention to the needs of its customer base, Key Technology further upgraded its family of vibratory conveyors with a new grounding arm, label stand-offs, sanitary drives, and Vector-Lock Gen 2 for ease of use. The firm’s Iso-Flo, Impulse, Horizon, and Marathon conveyors are targeted at food-processing and packaging lines.

The innovative grounding arm is a single stainless-steel structure. Its single structure, smooth texture, and open design enhance sanitation and durability over the typically used braided wire rope with crevasses, which is susceptible to bacteria. It also avoids a crimped ferrule that is liable to fail. The arm comes standard on new conveyors and can be retrofitted to systems already in the field.

In terms of the new label stand-off approach, each conveyors identification, specs, and stroke indicator are laser-etched or stamped onto stainless steel and attach to the conveyor with stand-offs to reduce laminations. They consume less space than riveted plaques, which also can trap bacteria, and adhesive stickers that can peel off after repeated washdowns.

The novel Vector-Lock Gen 2 clamp offers a larger hook, bigger radius, and added over-center latching for more positive engagement, enabling quick release and closing—as well as maximizing load carrying—to secure screens and covers on conveyor systems.

Check out the latest from Key Technology at Pack Expo 2017 at Booth S-7227.

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