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Get Your Fill of the “Listen, SET, Go” Strategy

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery's comprehensive "Listen, SET, Go" customer-centric manufacturing strategy promises better efficiency, product quality, and faster delivery.

A customer-centric manufacturing strategy launched this year by Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery will be on full display this week at Pack Expo, being held at McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill. Called “Listen, SET, Go,” the approach offers a path toward building fillers more efficiently, speeding up delivery rates, improving product quality, and helping create stronger customer connections.

The strategy has already shown faster delivery with the company’s auger, cup, and rotary fillers, which will be on display at booth N-5436. One filler in particular, the Rotary Filler (see figure), is designed for high-speed filling of rigid containers for multiple markets. Features include improved accessibility at all points of the machine; all changeovers accomplished without tools; electronic setup made possible by servo drives between the timing screw, star wheels, and main turret; and a more clean and reliable machine thanks to stainless-steel construction and improved safety features.

Another spotlighted product is the Revolution Series Auger for applications that need immediate filling. When an order is placed, the appropriate column, stand, and tooling requirements are added to the auger and it’s ready to ship right away. Other products on display include the 3-A Sanitary Washdown Auger Filler for packaging of dry products, and the Servo Drive Volumetric Cup Filler for dispensing of free-flowing dry products such as beans, rice, and cereal.


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