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Mechatronics technicians get fluid power skill test

Holders of PMMI Mechatronics certificates can now add fluid power to their list of skills.

PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, has added fluid power to the list of tested skills for its mechatronics certificate test.

PMMI's Mechatronics Certificate Program is meant to help train technicians in the skills necessary to handle modern packaging production equipment. Each certificate test addresses a specific skill set mechatronics professionals must have to be successful. Previous tests include the areas of industrial electricity, mechanical components, and programmable logic controller programming.

Fluid Power 1 is the fifth test PMMI has launched in its Mechatronics Certificate Program. Mechatronics is the synergistic application of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, and computer science in the manufacturing environment.

Fluid Power 1 covers the function, operation and application of common components used in fluid power circuits and systems. It also assesses the understanding of how fluid power components and accessories are placed together to create circuits and systems for powering industrial machines. PMMI says this and other mechatronics certificate tests are designed to test the knowledge and skill of entry-level mechanics, technicians and technologists who will be involved in the application, installation, modification or troubleshooting of fluid power systems.

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