New conveyor gives flexibility to manufacturers

With often-shifting consumer demands and shorter product cycles, manufacturers in the packaging, food, medical, and assembly industries don’t want to be boxed in by their equipment. Increasingly, they want flexibility in how they install and deploy their in-plant equipment. To address that need, Dorner Manufacturing, based in Hartland, Wis., has developed a conveyor platform that provides maximum flexibility to meet both current and future needs, according to Business Unit Director John Kuhnz.

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In addition, the 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor can be engineered to exact customer specifications in minutes, and built and shipped in 5 days, says Kuhnz.

He explains that standard industry practice is to offer flexible table-top chain conveyor components, but it is often left up to the customer to cut the frame to the desired length, assemble the conveyor, and make all final adjustments. The 2200 SmartFlex removes the guesswork of specifying and ordering a flexible chain conveyor by giving customers the ability to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions using the company’s configurator software tools, and view it in 3D within minutes.

 “Ordering and receiving a flexible chain conveyor has generally been an inconvenience for users because of the added work they’ve had to do with configuring, laying out, cutting, assembling, and installing it,” says Kuhnz.

“With our 2200 SmartFlex, we provide engineering tools and finished assemblies. Customers can see in 3D how the 2200 SmartFlex will interface with other conveyors and equipment, and it ships to their exact specifications with no adjustments needed.” This cuts labor costs and assembly headaches and speeds commissioning. Modular construction simplifies future changes.

One of the many strengths of the 2200 SmartFlex is product transfers. Accessories such as slave-driven, infeed and exit power transfers allow for smooth transfers on and off conveyors for products as small as 3 in. in diameter. The 2200 SmartFlex is also engineered to seamlessly integrate with the company’s other 2200 Series low profile belt conveyor platforms — providing users with a number of options for mainline and support conveyor systems.
Sections are built from aluminum single-piece frame, and the conveyor can navigate very tight corners with wheel and plain bend options. It’s also suitable for elevation changes and inclines.

Several chain types are available, including low friction, friction insert, conductive, cleated, roller top and magnet top. It’s available in widths of 65, 105, and 150 mm — 2.6, 4.1, and 5.9 in. Speeds are up to 250 feet per minute with load capacity up to 600 lb.

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