edson sr3600

Packing Solution Offers Colorful Display of IoT, Automation Tech

The flexible turnkey system uses IO-Link and sensor networks to optimize controls and operations meeting customer packing requirements.

Edson, powered by Pro Mach, showcases its products in combination with robotics and automation technologies from industry partners to demonstrate the flexible operation of a case-packing solution used for e-commerce and food packing. Visitors can watch the robotic packing system in action at Booth #C-3027. They can even test it out by changing its settings so that it will recognize objects through integrated machine vision.

The system uses a variety of sensors, vision systems, and IO-Link components to optimize packing patterns for mixed lots. Edson's demonstration shows how automation components and robots can be switched out and combined to meet parameters specified by the customer.


The system uses a FANUC M-20iA robot to pick various sized cartons from a conveyor and side-load them into large shipping cases. Meanwhile, a large, high-speed SR 3600 case-and-tray packer from Edson leverages Festo IO-Link at its Ethernet valve terminals to control the pneumatic operation. System sensors connected to a power supply use Balluff IO-Link to provide continuous measurements of diagnostic and statistical information. A barcode reader from SICK is used to determine whether cases meet user-set requirements as they are discharged from the packer. 

Edson's SR3600

Edson also partnered with Balluff to demonstrate the smart system’s capabilities for automated end-of-arm toolless changeover. Using an IO-Link wireless coupler, the system can change between two tools—one of which is used to fulfill multi-product orders, and the other to select promotional products using a SICK vision sensor.

"The product flexibility of this case packer to be able to accommodate all types of shapes and sizes will allow e-commerce businesses and food companies to easily configure multi-product orders," says Mike Paskaruk, Edson vice president of engineering.

For more information on this and other turnkey e-commerce and food packing case and tray packaging solutions, call Edson at (905) 385-3201.

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