Row-Forming Palletizer Enhances Safety and User-Friendliness

Row-Forming Palletizer Enhances Safety and User-Friendliness

The HL6200 is the third in a trilogy of high-speed, row-forming palletizers. Over the course of two years, the HL6200, along with the HL7200 and HL9200 were redesigned with a purpose to enhance safety, flexibility and performance, adopting a new modular, contemporary, and clean palletizer design for optimal user friendliness. Columbia Machine presents a full demonstration of the HL6200’s newest safety systems and capabilities in Booth C-1513 at PACK Expo.

The HL6200 introduces Category 3, Performance Level D safety components, along with fully integrated upper and lower guarding, and ergonomic low step-height machine access to guarantee safety for all workers.

Other features include full height light curtains, dual slot automatic hoist pins, level interior-roller surfaces, and interlocked hoist-area access doors. Fortress trapped-key access components are also available to comply with OSHA Minor Servicing regulations.

The new Product Manager HMI lets the user take advantage of the machine’s enhanced flexibility. Intuitive controls lets operators create and modify layer patterns, while viewing and exporting production reports, adjusting drive speeds and timer settings, and accessing manuals and schematics. It communicates alarms and system diagnostics; Features such as fallen-case detection and Smart Squeeze centering side-layer guides ensure correct product-pattern orientation during operation and sends alerts to the I/O status screen.

See the palletizer in action in the following video, courtesy of Engineering TV:

The product manager HMI also gives the user easy control of the row-forming area, which leverages a bi-parting stripper apron to combine case stops and create gaps front-to-back and side-to-side in product pattern-forming processes. Users can adjust standard speeds and generate commands such as dual infeed or inline configuration. The HL6200 can palletize up to 120 cases per minute. Its newest features are claimed to meet present and future production requirements. 

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