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Three-cavity blow molder - W. Amsler

Three-cavity blow molder - W. Amsler

The three-cavity, L32 reheat stretch-blow molding machine molds small to medium PET containers at up to 40 million bottles per year in the same footprint as a two-cavity model. The L32 produces 3,600 2-L bottles/hr or converts to a dual or single-cavity unit for 3-L or 5-L container production, respectively, with neck sizes up to 48 mm. Closer spacing of preforms allows hotter molding and up to 50% higher efficiency.
The machine replaces pneumatics and hydaulics with servos, including servo-driven electric stretch rods, a 30-ton servo-driven mold-clamping system, and a servo preform-indexing system. An air-recovery system and hot-fill capability are also available.

W. Amsler, 1245 Reid St., Unit #1, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 1G4, (905) 707-6704,

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