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Ultrasion Marries Micro Molding with Ultrasonics

Ultrasion Marries Micro Molding with Ultrasonics

Ultrasion SL is a manufacturer of micro molding technology based on the use of ultrasonics. Since its launch four years ago, the technology has been adopted by more than 70 OEMs for commercial use in the United States and Europe.

Previously, OEMs had to choose from various technologies that were to a greater or lesser extent based on traditional injection molding processes, with some suppliers attempting to adapt them in order to better service the demands for small and precise parts. However, Ultrasionadaptations of macro technologies and processes to the molding of precision and micro plastic parts has not always been a successful approach.

Ultrasion’s micro molding process uses ultrasonics as the agent of polymer melting, and is designed specifically for OEMs of small and precise plastic parts. With no need for a screw and barrel, the technology is extremely energy efficient and minimizes waste. As an added bonus, ultrasonics induces extremely low viscosity in melted materials.

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