Motion System Design
1-kW motor

1-kW motor

BG75 brushless PM BLDC motors are composed of 75-mm2 power-dense motors in three stack lengths.

Features & benefits

  • Peak motor torque varies from 354 to 892 oz-in.; output from 420 to 1,000 W; 4.53, 5.51, and 6.50 in. axial lengths

  • Optional Hall sensors, integrated incremental position encoder (4,096 counts post quadrature), or multi-turn absolute encoder AE65 series with SSI interface

  • Winding voltages from 12 to 325 Vdc

  • Optional speed and position motion controller with CANopen, Profibus, Modbus or Ethercat interface; compatible brakes and gearboxes available

Dunkermotoren USA
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