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Absolute Encoders with Upgraded Electronics

The full line of absolute encoders Form Encoder Products Co., including those with shaft and blind hollow bores in sizes 36 mm, 58 mm, and standard Size 25 with a 2.5 inch housing now have more communication options and higher resolution. They output of 16 bits for single turn resolution and 43 bits for multi-turn resolution, letting them measure smaller increments giving them longer run-times before reset. They maintain position value without being powered, so if there is rotation during the power-loss and once power is restored, they can transmit the location information immediately. They also offer real-time information with SSI, CANopen, and EtherCAT communication protocol. Other features include maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly magnetic design, energy harvesting magnetic multi-turn technology, no gears or batteries, electronic cam switches on CANopen and EtherCAT models, and a compact design with bus cover.

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