Motion System Design
Absolute rotary encoders

Absolute rotary encoders

Posital's Magnetocode (MCD) encoders are available with heavy-duty IP69K stainless steel housings — for a reliable alternative to potentiometers.

Features & benefits

  • Withstand rain, dirt, dust, water jets, aggressive cleaning, food-grade washdown; mounted on ball bearings; shaft withstands forces to 300 N

  • 12-bit resolution — 4,096 steps per revolution; multi-turn models to 13 bits

  • Self-powered internal rotation counter; SSI interface and simplified setup; CANopen field bus, or analog (4-to-20 mA or 0 to 10-V) interface available

  • Download brochure at; it describes Posital's full portfolio of rotary encoders, inclinometers, linear motion sensor products

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