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Ac/dc power supply

The PHI 3K Series industrial-grade ac/dc switching power supply generates up to 3-kW output power. Specifications include a powerfactor- corrected input that converts a 400-Vac input (340 V to 480-Vac operating range) to 200-Vdc/15-A or 400-Vdc/7-A continuous output, with fan cooling. A built-in redundancy diode separates internal modules. This lets a number of units be connected in parallel for higher output power, N+1 redundancy, or to create a three-phase high-power system. The diode also makes the unit suitable for battery charging.

The power factor is corrected to a minimum of 0.97 at full load for the entire input range. The unit’s conformal coating protects against moisture, humidity, airborne contaminants, and high voltage. Other protection features include input-to-output isolation of 4,300 Vdc, input/output-to-chassis of 2,250 Vdc and 5,600-Vdctype testing, continuous current limiting with short-circuit protection, and thermal protection by a built-in self-resetting thermostat.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
110 Walgreen Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K0A 1L0, Canada
(613) 836-3511

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