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Agitator drive for polypropylene tanks

Agitator drive for polypropylene tanks

The design of the Quick Mount Agitator Drive simplifies and eliminates the problem of installing an agitator for poly-tank applications. The slip-on agitator fits over 4, 6, and 8-in. poly tank openings with any existing thread design. It can be dropped into and slipped over the tank opening and secured within seconds without the need for any tools, due to its three-point built-in lockdown method.

The agitator/mixer is an enclosed, sealed system for mixing batch quantities of low and medium-viscosity liquids, eliminating the possibility of contamination and leakage.

The stainless-steel agitator includes three folding-blade, stainless-steel impellers in 4 and 8-in. and 12-ft diameters.

American Machining Inc., 2232 Wiggins Rd., Fenton, MI 48430, (810) 629-0046

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