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Machine Design

Air-bearing stages

The new DynamYX Datum 450 and 450GT air-bearing stages handle larger travel ranges, payloads, and increased throughput requirements of next-generation 450-mm tools.

The units deliver high-resolution, dynamic positioning of a wafer chuck or similar substrate in two orthogonal translation axes from a single-plane carriage. A vertical Z axis with tip/ tilt function and a rotary axis for wafer-offset correction can be added on the carriage beneath the wafer chuck.

High-efficiency linear motors minimize heat generation and apply drive forces through the stage’s center of gravity for long-term repeatability and dynamic performance. The maximum velocity reaches 1.5m/sec, with acceleration of 2 g (Y axis) and 3 g (X axis). With a rated payload of 20 kg, The 300-Hz natural-frequency stage features a 20-kg payload, high-accuracy (encoder feedback) at 50 nm (3 sigma), and high repeatability at 10 nm (3 sigma).

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