Motion System Design
Air-engaged clutch brake

Air-engaged clutch brake

Flange Mounted Clutch Brakes Enclosed (FMCBE) nickel-plated models include NEMA standard 1.26.5 (IP 54) version and BISSC-version with optional Air Champ locking key for high cycling.

Features & benefits

  • Withstand washdown in bakery and food processing; resist corrosion and bacteria buildup; handles 2-hp motors; nickel-plated sizes can handle up to 10-hp motors

  • Stainless output shaft — captive key and stainless fasteners; double-acting piston prevents overlap of clutch and brake functions; optional nickel-plated input unit and foot mounts for right-angle drives; eliminates costly keyway damage, boosts connection torque

  • Locking bar system prevents the key on output shaft from tipping in keyway, secured with a setscrew; optional C-faced adaptor for foot-mounted applications

Nexen Group Inc.
(651) 484-5900

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