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Machine Design

Automated pin installation

The Model CR Combination Installation Machine is capable of installing three completely different size pins. The base machine has three vibratory feeders and three pin orientation heads. A selector switch determines which pin size to activate for installation. Three interchangeable fixture nests accommodate each pinning application. Each nest has a centrally located dowel pin that aligns the fixture to the pin exit bushing. Precise dowel holes are machined in the base plate, in line with each pin orientation head. A single bolt secures the fixture while in use.

This design lets operators use one machine to perform three different pin-size installations. Each fixture is number coded for easy selection. When the first short-run pinning operation is done, the operator removes the fixture, installs the next, and moves the selector switch to the corresponding position to begin the next pinning operation.

The machine can be retooled with a different feeder/orientation head, and fixture combination if any of the pinning operations are eliminated.

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(860) 774-8571

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