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Beam Couplings Check Vibration

Beam Couplings Check Vibration

Beam Couplings (Courtesy of Ruland).

Zero-backlash beam couplings have high torsional stiffness and accommodate misalignment. The couplings use two sets of overlapping spiral cuts to increase torque and torsional rigidity. Separating the spiral cuts into two sets gives better parallel misalignment while accommodating angular, complex, and axial misalignment. They offer low inertia, light bearing loads, and a balanced design for reduced vibration at higher speeds.
Couplings can have four or six beams in inch, metric, and inch-tometric bore combinations ranging from 3/32 to ¾ in. (2 to 20 mm). Fourbeam couplings are more flexible with lower bearing loads while sixbeam couplings have larger bodies with shorter spiral cuts for increased torque, repeatability, and torsional stiffness. Aluminum multiple-beam couplings are available for additional flexibility and low inertia, or alternately in stainless steel for higher torque and increased corrosion resistance.
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