Motion System Design

Bearing assemblies

Self-aligning Metcar 100 and 300 Series assemblies are designed for fast bearing cartridge replacement.

Features & benefits

  • Carbon-graphite replaceable cartridges hold powered rollers in large continuous dryers (used for curing gypsum board and ceiling tile); zinc-plated steel retaining rings
  • 100 Series: Enable replacement from axial direction (when bearing cartridge can slide over shaft end); ears slide into housing slots, cartridge is rotated 90°, and then a circular clip lock blocks the slots

  • 300 Series: Enable replacement from radial direction — when assembly is behind the roller drive sprocket or locking collars; bottom half slides under the shaft, and a cartridge-flange slot engages a housing stud; top half of split bearing cartridge is placed over the shaft and an “easy clip” wire spring hold halves in place

  • Available: Varied cartridge lengths, units that accommodate thrust load; saddle, offset, vertical, horizontal, angle, flush, wing, and flange mounts

Metallized Carbon Corp.
(914) 941-3738

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