Machine Design

Bluetooth For The Factory Floor

The PSI-WL Series is an interoperable set of license-free Bluetooth standard radios.

Class I, Div. 2 approved, these high-speed radios connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as PDAs, PCs, or other PSI-WL devices. The PSI-WL-RS232-RS485/BT is a DIN-rail mount package that interfaces to RS-232/422/485 electrical formats. Modbus and additional industrial protocols are also supported. It features software-adjustable transmit power to extend the Bluetooth reach up to 300 ft. The PSI-WL-RS232-RS485/BT can be used as a simple wire and cable replacement in point-to-point applications or in point-to-multipoint configurations. One master will support up to seven slave devices. The FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) devices operate in the 2.4-GHz ISM band, suitable for worldwide use in industrial machine-to-machine and remote/temporary diagnostics and programming applications.

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