Bright 15-inch HMI Display

The new G5G-V 11-inch HMI touchscreen features a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, giving users an additional option to fit larger applications. Brightness is 650 cd/m2 to deliver greater visibility, even in high-glare situations such as direct sunlight. Its backlight-life rating of 100,000 hr minimum. It has an an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -20⁰C to 60⁰C, as well as IP66F and IP67F ratings, is fit for Class I Division 2 hazardous location, and carries a UL61010 approval ratings—assures reliable operation in the toughest environments. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) les users configure the HMI as an FTP client or server for transferring programs ad copying or moving files between local memory, an external memory device or a cloud-based file, database or data storage platform. USB, Ethernet, and SD memory-card ports provide connectivity and video-in and audio-out ports offer additional flexibility. Increased memory and a faster CPU deliver the performance required for demanding applications. The HMI also supports industrial internet of things (IIoT) operation by serving up web pages using a browser-based web page editor, and it can generate emails. In addition to browser-based access, users can employ the WindEDIT Lite app on any iOS or Android device over Wi-Fi for two-way communications with the HMI.

The HG5G-V HMI is built for endurance and backed by an industry leading three-year warranty.

IDEC Corp., 800-262-4332, hmi.idec.com

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