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Cabinet coolers for enclosures

Dual High-Temperature Cabinet Coolers purge and cool electrical control panels in environments up to 200°F (93°C). Air as cool as 20°F (–7°C) eliminates high-temperature malfunctions and protects sensitive electronics in hot, dirty locations.

The Coolers’ vortex tube turns regular compressed air to cold air without using refrigerants. The unit mounts through a standard electrical knockout, while maintaining the enclosure’s NEMA-12, 4, or 4X rating. Systems with thermostat controls minimize compressed-air use by keeping the enclosure at ±2°F of the temperature setting. A drain-filter separator keeps moisture out of the electrical enclosure. The Coolers are available with 4,000, 4,800, and 5,600 Btu/hr cooling capacities.

Exair Corp.
11510 Goldcoast Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(800) 903- 9247

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