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Ceramic pushbutton switches

Ceramic pushbutton switches

The MSM LA CS is a metal pushbutton switch with a ceramic actuator surface.  The biocompatible on/off switch can be backlit across the entire surface. Encased in a stainless-steel housing, the switch has an actuator made of durable ceramic to resist scratches and abrasive chemicals as well as impact; it can also be labeled with highly durable legends.

A nonilluminated version is offered with a white actuator surface. The illuminated design provides a uniform glow across the entire surface in the desired color (red, green, blue, white, orange). These versions can also be labeled with symbols.

The MSM LA CS switch is available with mounting diameters of 19 and 22 mm. The one or two-pole switch has a high impact withstand rating of IK 07 and is rated IP64 from the front to the contact area. Features include: 250-Vac/125‑Vdc switching voltage with switching current up to 12 A; temperature range of –20 to 85ºC, and actuator travel greater than 5 mm.

Equipped with blade terminals, the switch can be quickly wired: the preassembled cable set is plugged into the quick-connect terminals of the microswitch, which is then snapped into the housing.

Schurter Inc., 447 Aviation Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403, (707) 636-3000

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