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Motion System Design
Clutches and brakes

Clutches and brakes

Rail brakes

RB Series spring-engaged rail brakes use springs to secure load in holding applications, offering superior response time and high stopping and holding force for e-stop and power-off situations.

Features & benefits

  • Brakes maintain accurate positions on the center of guide rails for positive braking and holding in all axes, eliminating drivetrain backlash and elasticity

  • RBE Series electric rail brakes provide fast response, low backlash, plus onboard control logic for electric holding on profile rails; microcontroller receives and sends engage/disengage signals to drive, without an externally mounted controller

  • RB Series offers brake geometry similar to system bearing cassettes

  • Both series fit most profile guide rails including NSK, SKF, INA, THK, IKO, Hiwin, and Star

Nexen Group Inc.
(651) 484-5900
Circle 151

Caliper brakes

VCS MK 4 spring-applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes are designed for hoists, conveyor drives, cranes, ship loaders, wind turbines, and drill rigs in industries such as mining, steel, pulp and paper, and marine.

Features & benefits

  • 50% larger pad area; modular construction for easy assembly and maintenance; precision monitoring options; improved sealing; full compatibility with existing VCS mounts and controlled braking systems

  • Two-module brake is provided as a complete unit with two prefitted brake pads; optional mounting bolts (tie rods), finishes, and monitoring switches also available

Twiflex Ltd.
Altra Industrial Motion
(815) 389-6227
Circle 152

Clutches with custom shafts

MC-style electromagnetic clutches are now available with custom shafts, in addition to standard 400 Series stainless shafts.

Features & benefits

  • MC Series clutches are typically ball-bearing mounted for both field assembly and timing pulley input

  • Shaft ends can be configured to user requirements, such as D flats and snap-ring grooves; rollers, bearings, and bearing supports available

  • Subassemblies are primarily used for document handling in business and office machinery

Ogura Industrial Corp.
(732) 271-7371
Circle 153

Stainless steel permanent magnet clutches and brakes

Suitable for harsh washdown environments, Warner permanent magnet clutches and brakes feature all stainless-steel construction and operate without electricity.

Features & benefits

  • Because torque is independent of slip speed, torque is smooth from 1 to 1,800 rpm

  • Extremely smooth slip torque provides constant torque for tension or torque-limiting applications

  • Dependable performance, with no friction surfaces to break down or wear out; 400 Series stainless-steel bearings for long life

Warner Electric LLC
Altra Industrial Motion
(800) 825-9050
Circle 154

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