Motion System Design
CNC controls

CNC controls

0i-D CNC control features Nano CNC resolution for ultra high precision measured in nanometers, has a compact design, and is available in both Milling (0i-MD) and Turning (0i-TD) versions.

Features & benefits

  • Improved 0i-D includes up to eight axes (milling model) and 11 axes (turning model); Al Contour Control II (milling model) uses processor for machining complex free-form parts; nano-smoothing converts small block-segment programs into smooth NURB surfaces in realtime

  • Jerk control (milling model), tool management (milling & turning models) and retraction for rigid tapping (turning model)

  • Oi-Mate-D has two spindles (turning model); control with servomotor (turning model) for live tooling for turning centers, nano-interpolation; axis control by PMC allows for programmed axis by control MTD Logic

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