Cobot wields vacuum “Gripper”

The piCobot from Piab comes equipped with an end-of-arm (EOAT) vacuum tool designed specifically for cobots. The tool includes a vacuum pump unit, gripper unit, and two suction cups. The standard cobot comes with four different sets of suction cups suitable for a variety of tasks, but customers can choose from the company’s extensive range of suction cups for more tailored solutions.

The cobot is certified by Universal Robots and features soft design lines that ensure no one will be injured if colliding with it. The user interface simplifies installation and decreases programming time. It measures 3.8 x 5.6 inches at the base with a 2.7-in. height and +/-15 degree tiltable gripper arms that can be fitted with two suction cups. Alternatively, the gripper can be replaced by a single suction cup mounted directly on the piCOBOT pump. For optional single or double object picking, dedicated sense valves ensure safe operation regardless of mode. The cobot weighs 18 oz. and the gripper adds another 7.4 oz., but it can lift 15.5-lb objects.
Piab, 1-800-321-7422,

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