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Color LCD display module

Color LCD display module

Though not a replacement for OLEDs or TFTs (because they do not display video or high-resolution photos) field sequential color (FSC) LCD display modules fit a niche in manufacturing — for eight-color midrange displays.

Features & benefits

  • Designer chooses icons to be included on display, glass dimensions to 7 in.

  • Lower cost, inexpensive microprocessor; low minimum order quantity

  • Create design on manufacturer's online template; submit drawing, choose serial or parallel interface — display contains a built in controller driver IC that allows operation in either mode; choose MPU — samples in 5 to 7 weeks

  • FSC allows OEM software to change color of each segment; includes a controller/driver chip to eliminate multiple pins or multiplexing, reduce pins on MPU

How does it work?

FSC LCD Displays implement an RGB backlight to display colors without the need for filtering. This in turn allows a darker black positive mode (dark letters on light background) and a brighter white negative mode (light colored letters on dark background). Each segment can display all colors — and color changes are controlled through the customer's software/firmware.

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