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Machine Design

Compact compressor

The brushless-dc 2450Z Series compressor has an efficient variable-output, brushless 140-Vdc motor that conserves power and energy by matching the output of the compressor to application requirements. It measures only 8.32 × 6.75 × 4.08 in. The quiet (50 dB(A) @ 20 psi) compressor features a balanced stroke design and center-line of gravity mounting to minimize vibration and cost of vibration isolation. The RoHS-compliant compressor is oilless and has permanently lubricated bearings, as well as the company’s long-life WOB-L pistons.

Maximum flow is 3.3 cfm @ 2,200 rpm and maximum pressure is 35 psig.

Thomas Div.
1419 Illinois Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 457-4891

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