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Compact Gas Pump Features High Flow

A new micro gas pump, NMP830 HP for OEM customers from KNF offers high flow, pressure, and suction in a compact size. The diaphragm pump is ideal for medical therapy, monitoring, and reprographic applications. It is jusdt 1.25” (31 mm) wide, yet it produces free flow up to 5.5 L/min with a single head design and up to 10 L/min with a dual head. The pump creates best-in-class pressure, 43.5 psig (3.0 bar) and vacuums down to 28.4 inHg (50 mbar absolute). The NMP830 HP is an extension of KNF’s NMP series. It offers a 33 to 44% increase in size-to-flow ratio compared to NMP850 and NMP830 models, respectively. Vacuum and pressure performance are also significantly improved at a comparatively smaller size and lower weight. It is available with brushed and 2- or 4-wire brushless DC motors. Standard offerings include EPDM and PPS wetted components.

KNF Neuberger Inc., (609) 890-8600,


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