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Continuous-motion silicone cables

Highly flexible silicone cables, designed for continuous motion and harsh weather conditions, are suited for use in windmill turbines. These UV-resistant cables are an alternative to PVC and thermoplastic- rubber-jacketed cables that aren’t reliable in severe environments.

The crystal-clear silicone encapsulation is tear resistant, needs no external “armor” or conduit for protection, and will not deform or wear during a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles, even under tight bending radius and constant flexing conditions. The cables are unaffected when exposed to extreme temperatures of –65 to 260°C, ice, snow, saltwater, acid rain, vibration, sunlight, ozone, humidity, mechanical abuse, and most chemicals. An antifriction coating is available for applications that require abrasion and adhesion resistance. The silicone “self-heals” from small punctures and cable jacket damage can easily be repaired in the field

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