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Controller and HMI in one device

The new Power Panel C50 from B&R Industrial Automation combines a powerful controller and a projected capacitive touch screen in a single HMI device. It can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C and does not require a fan. The multi-touch HMI is available with clear or anti-reflective glass, and the touch screen reacts precisely and reliably even when operated with thick leather gloves. Gestures such as zoom or swipe provide an intuitive user experience. The Power Panel C50 is available in widescreen format in four different sizes from 7. to 15.6 inches. The device has a compact design, minimal installation depth, and an intelligent cable outlet. With no hard disks, fans or batteries, it is also maintenance free. The front of the panel provides IP65 protection, making it well-suited for harsh industrial environments. The pane has a wide range of interfaces, including Powerlink and Ethernet and USB. I/O modules, axes and safety components can also be connected directly to the panel. There's no need for additional controllers. The panel C50 runs mapp View HMI applications. With the mapp View software, there is no need to deal with HTML5, CSS or JavaScript. mapp View is based entirely on web standards, ensuring good viewing on any device. Content of several screens can be customized for specific users or user groups.

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