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Cordless adhesive-dispensing guns

Cordless adhesive-dispensing guns

A new line of manual, pneumatic, and cordless guns dispense two-component adhesives, regardless of their thickness. A 26:1 thrust ratio allows a lighter touch to dispense more material with each trigger pull. The guns have a unique secured snap feature and come in a wide variety of sizes, two-component ratio options, and loading capabilities.
The manual guns have an adjustment screw so the drive system can be tightened, extending the tool’s life and eliminating wasted motion. Double grip plates and a steel trigger protect the drive system if the gun is dropped.
 The pneumatic models are activated by air pressure and rated up to 120-psi operating pressure. A handle on top of the air cylinder allows user-friendly maneuvering. A button just above the trigger lets user’s toggle between forward and backward piston-rod travel with a quick finger movement.
 The cordless version comes with a Milwaukee 18-V lithium-ion battery with a digital display that shows the charge level. A speed control dial on the drive mechanism assures that the adhesive is dispensed with the proper speed.
Nordson EFD LLC, 40 Catamore Blvd., East Providence, RI 02914, (800) 556-3484

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